Melbourne – Port Phillip Bay

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A seal playing in the water in Victoria.
South Channel Fort, Port Phillip Bay.
A seal habitat found in Victoria.
A diver operating a Suex Scooter.

Jump aboard our custom vessel, Seadragon, and enjoy a fantastic day out on the water in one of Victoria?s most popular recreational destinations ? Port Phillip Bay.? We have a variety of tours available for all ages and ability and advanced tours for those wishing to dive some of the many shipwrecks located in the area!

With pickup locations on both sides of the bay at Queenscliff and Portsea, convenience is assured. Whether you are interested in snorkelling with seals, taking a tour of a historic island WW2 fort or exploring the underwater world at our many dive locations we’ve got you covered!

Have a large group? Contact us direct to arrange your personalised group booking!

Dive Schedule

DateSiteDepartingDepthMax DepthTypeMin. Cert
18-12-2019Lonsdale Arches06:50 - Q'Cliff12m+20mReefOW
18-12-2019Scallop Drift
The Grotto
10:40 - Q'Cliff
11:00 - Portsea
22-12-2019Popes Eye
Blairgowrie Pier
07:30 - Portsea
07:40 - Portsea
22-12-2019Lonsdale Bommies11:30 - Q'Cliff
11:50 - Portsea
22-12-2019Popes Eye & Seals14:30 - Q'Cliff
14:40 - Portsea
23-12-2019The Grotto10:20 - Portsea
10:40 - Portsea
24-12-2019Lonsdale Arches08:00 - Portsea
08:20 - Portsea
24-12-2019Scallop Drift10:30 - Q'Cliff12m12mDriftOW
30-12-2019Sth Channel Fort & Seals09:00 - Q'Cliff
09:20 - Portsea
30-12-2019The Grotto11:40 - Q'Cliff
12:00 - Portsea
09-01-2020Portarlington08:45 - Port Arlington0m+12mOther
06-02-2020Portarlington08:45 - Port Arlington0m+12mOther
14-02-2020Popes Eye10:30 - Q'Cliff2m+12mReefSnkl
05-03-2020Portarlington08:45 - Port Arlington0m+12mOther

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