Which sites are suitable for me?

If you are new to diving or new to diving in temperature waters, we recommend a ‘Check-Out’ dive at one of our preferred locations:

  • Popes Eye
  • South Channel Fort
  • Boarfish Reef
  • Portsea Hole

If you have never dived in Victoria or temperate waters before you will need to select a Dive Guide for your first dive.  We recommend all divers have dived within the last 6 months; anything over this time period and we would advise a pool refresher session prior to the ocean dive.

For all divers looking to dive the Wrecks a minimum AOW certification is required along with a Dive Guide.  All other divers above AOW may need to perform a check-out dive before being approved for wrecks.  Call our centre to discuss if you are unsure.

How can I book a dive?

Certified divers:  Click here to view our schedule and book direct online

Non divers:  We offer Try SCUBA experiences in the pool for all non-divers who want to have the experience of being underwater with SCUBA.  Click on the link to our courses page and select Try SCUBA to see our available dates.

Can I book on a dive by myself?

Yes, you can book on as a single diver, however if we cannot find a suitable buddy for you, you will be required to pay an additional fee for a Dive Guide to accompany you.  No solo diving is permitted on any of our tours.

Is equipment included in the dive price?

Equipment is not included in the standard pricing however equipment hire is an easy add-on during the booking process.  When booking online you will be prompted to select equipment hire either for full gear hire or single items required.

Full gear hire includes wetsuit, mask, snorkel, closed heel fins, BCD, weight belt, regulator and tank (note: If you require 3 or more items the bundled option is the best option and you can take only what you need)

Where do we collect hire gear?

For Queenscliff departures we ask you to come to our dive centre located at 37 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff 1 hour prior to the boat departure time.  This will allow sufficient time to get sized and set up and then make your way to the boat for a prompt departure.

For Portsea pickups, we will bring the hire equipment on the vessel and you can change on the boat on the way to the dive location.  You will need to email us with your equipment requirements, booking number and approximate height, weight and shoe size if you do not know your dive equipment sizing.  Email us at when you have made your booking.

Do you hire Nitrox tanks?

Yes, you can select Nitrox tank hire online via the booking platform at the standard mix of 32%.  We will require verification of your Nitrox certification.

Can I buy accessories or equipment to keep?

Yes, we have a full retail shop at our centre with a wide selection of diving equipment for all budgets

Where can we depart from?

We have two pickup and drop off locations – Queenscliff and Portsea Pier.  You can select your pickup point during the booking process.

Queenscliff:  Queenscliff Harbour, 1 Harbour St, Queenscliff VIC 3225

Portsea:  Portsea Pier, Point Nepean Rd, Portsea VIC 3944

Do you have accommodation?

Yes, we run a historical lodge in Queenscliff called Cobb & Co Lodge located within our dive centre on Learmonth Street.  Divers who wish to Dive & Stay are offered discounted rates on accommodation in shared or private rooms with shared bathroom facilities.

Can I book dives on different boats in a day?

Yes, you can as long as the trips do not clash with each other.

Single dives are generally a 3 hour turnaround; double dives are a 5 hour turnaround.

Are there refreshments / toilets on the boat?

Yes, both Medusa and Seadragon vessels are equipped with a marine toilet. We also have hot water, fresh water, tea and coffee and biscuits on board for the tours.

What should I bring?

You can bring any diving equipment you may have along with any hired equipment, bathers, towel, warm jumper/jacket, snacks, camera and phone.  We have a dry box on the boat for valuables like keys and phones.

All buddy groups require an SMB and Reel at most of our dive sites.  If you do not have one or do not know how to deploy you will need to advise us at the time of booking and a Dive Guide may be required to accompany you/your group.

We advise you to take only the essentials and minimise large bags or items you don’t need on the boat so that everyone can enjoy the extra space.

Underwater Scooters are allowed on the vessel – if you are bringing a scooter it is always good to let us know.

What if the weather is not suitable?

We are constantly monitoring forecasted and predicted weather, wind and swell movements and we will notify you as soon as we can if the tour is cancelled due to weather.  If you do not find another suitable dive or date to move to we can hold your booking in credit for use at a later date or alternatively you can request a refund.

Will the boat wait for me if I’m running late?

Sadly, No.  We must depart as per our schedule to ensure we get to the dive site for slack water and to also ensure all trips run according to our advertised times.  We advise all divers to be ready waiting at the pickup location 15 minutes before the allocated departure time to ensure a prompt turnaround of trips.

Can I penetrate the wrecks?

The skipper will advise on the day if the conditions are suitable for wreck penetration.  Only divers who have an advanced wreck certification or equivalent and are experienced in this skill will be approved.

Can I snorkel at the dive sites?

We have two snorkelling and diving sites on offer:

  • Popes Eye
  • South Channel Fort

We have trained snorkel guides in the water to accompany any snorkellers on the tour.  If you book online and wish to snorkel you do not need to hire equipment as this is included (wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins).  If you are snorkelling only, please let us know via a quick email ( or call (03 5258 1188)

Can I freedive at the dive sites?

We allow freedivers at the following sites when conditions are suitable:

  • Popes Eye
  • South Channel Fort
  • Castle Rock
  • Lonsdale Bommies

Please note, freedivers must have a recognised qualification or certification in freediving level I or higher.

Freedivers must join the boat in a buddy pair as we do not allow freediving alone or with unknown buddy groups.  A float can be provided on the day if requested.

What do I need for Cray and Scallop dives?

A current Victoria Fishing License (you can order this online here (

Crayfish Tags

Catch bag, torch, knife, gloves – all can be purchase from our retail shop prior to the tour.

Note:  You are not required to catch anything on these dives – anyone with the appropriate diving certification can join scallop drift dives and cray spots as an additional diving site to check out!

Do you service dive equipment and tanks?

Yes, we have qualified service technician’s on site at our centre in Queenscliff for any repairs, maintenance and annual services.  Our crew are trained in hydrostatic testing for cylinders.

Turnaround is generally 2 weeks depending on the season.  Feel free to drop in to our centre with your equipment to talk to our service team.

Do you supply air fills?

Yes, we have a compressor on site at our Queenscliff dive centre and can fill customer tanks before and / or after dives