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Which sites are suitable for me?

If you are new to diving or new to diving in temperature waters, we recommend a ‘Check-Out’ dive at one of our preferred locations:

  • Popes Eye
  • South Channel Fort
  • Boarfish Reef
  • Portsea Hole

If you have never dived in Victoria or temperate waters before you will need to select a Dive Guide for your first dive.  We recommend all divers have dived within the last 6 months; anything over this time period and we would advise a pool refresher session prior to the ocean dive.

For all divers looking to dive the Wrecks a minimum AOW certification is required along with a Dive Guide.  All other divers above AOW may need to perform a check-out dive before being approved for wrecks.  Call our centre to discuss if you are unsure.